Search for Solutions can be Accelerated with the Help of External Experience

Sustainable Development

The changing climate challenges companies to search for new sustainable business models – Often the question is about surviving in a world of altering markets and regulations. Simultaneously, the usability of existing investments in the new situation must be assessed.

By combining varying viewpoints, the challenges of the present and the future can be understood better. We assist in perceiving realistic solutions and opportunities which fit with the company ́s situation in both, the short and the long run.

Renewal of Fixed Assets

Fixed asset management is one of the strategic areas that enables a company to ensure long-term competitiveness and cost-effectiveness.

How and how much the value of the assets can be developed, performance improved or capacity increased are key issues for a company.

In general, there is a lot to be done in different areas without significant investments, but even large-scale timely investments are also part of asset management.

We conceptualize and execute solutions based on sustainable development. Our experts are available to companies in search of emission-reducing and new ecological solutions that take into account the customer’s initial situation.

Our Approach

Identifying Opportunities

Future Scenarios and Strategies

Mapping Business Options

Market Area and Regulation Analysis

Preparation of Solutions

Conceptualization and Planning for Change

Feasibility and Profitability

Risk Analysis

Our Areas of Expertise


Raw Material Selection

Bioproducts and their Exploitation

Transport Biofuels

Fiber Solutions

Tissue and Hygiene Paper Business

Paperboard and Packaging Solutions


Utilization of Heat Production

Carbon Neutral Solutions

Carbon Capture

Renewable Energy

Hydrogen Economy

Energy Efficiency Projects

Circular Economy

Circular Economy Business Models

Recycling and Recovery of Waste and Side- Streams

Exploitation of Biobased Materials

Production of Biofuels and Biogas

Synthetic Fuels

Reutilization of Fixed Assets


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