Ability to Create Something Unique

Sustainability as a Driving Force

New sustainable business opportunities are constantly being developed for the market, and at the same time special attention is paid to the changing pace in the business environment and the challenges it brings. As a result, new businesses begin to approach each other, which increases competition between them and forces them to create something unique.

Our practical approach, combining sustainable innovations and feasibility enablers, offers a journey of change that opens up new types of sustainable business options and success factors.

Generating New Ideas

New innovations and competitive factors arise only through passion and creativity, which requires competence and an open minded-attitude. Understanding and analysing the competitive environment alone is not enough.

Unique findings and conclusions require an interdisciplinary approach as well as focusing on continuous reinvention and breaking boundaries.

Based on our ideas, we develop and execute our entirely own and new business concepts based on sustainable development as well as companies fitting them.
We typically implement projects in collaboration with different types of partners.

New Business – We Do Things Differently

Magnus Associates’ approach to own sustainable business is based on a new type of combination of innovations and existing solutions.

The baseline for developing a new company:

  • The demand, growth and long-term usage of end products
  • The exploitation of the circular economy and advanced technologies on the production of intermediate and end products
  • Based on opportunity, the exploitation of existing fixed assets and operational structure
  • Accounting for the environment while utilizing raw materials

A new concept is typically developed on a case-by-case basis by the formed business and technology team which is tightly integrated with the partner networks. This allows for a wide-ranging processing of ideas, ensuring their feasibility. In this way builds a new sustainable business that creates a competitive advantage for the entire ecosystem.

Additionally, to carry out projects we extend the business, technology and finance partner network.


Ilkka Hämäläinen

Chairman of the Board
+ 358 40 060 8782