The Basis for Successful Investment

Requirement Specification

The requirements specification creates guidelines for the agreement between the customer and the contractors or suppliers on the specific features of the investment and guides the project to match the requirements.

It also provides a realistic starting point for assessing project costs, risks, and schedules.

Risk Identification

Identifying risks and managing them are part of a successful investment. Ability to prepare and control risks is necessary in order to minimize damage.

Risk avoidance and risk reduction are two ways to manage a risk. The processing of both types of risk provides the preconditions for a comprehensive risk assessment.

We produce the necessary studies for investments and determine the risks, their probabilities and financial effects.
In addition, we develop alternative financing solutions for investment execution.

Investment Preparations

Requirement Specification
Preliminary Study of Operational Conditions
Feasibility Study
Profitability Calculation
Investment Risk Analysis
Partnership Network Integration

Financing Arrangement

Finance Planning
Document Preparation for Investors
Investor Survey
Implementation of Chosen Financing


Investment Management

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