High End Factory

Future customer behaviour and the change of the product range determine new kind of criterias for production.

Success factors in the future are the development speed of new products, efficient production and finally go to market time.

Fast product changes and small batch sizes can be effectively produced by using the right kind of technology, information and leadership.

Capital Investment Studies

Business Plans

Feasibility Studies

Technology Comparisons

Collaboration and Virtual Reality

Profitability Calculations

Factory Technology and Operations

Production Technology
and Operational Processes

Material Flows and Robotics

Production Optimization and
Steering Principles

Reliability and Maintenance

Digitalization & VDC

Mechanical Engineering

Machinery and Equipment Design
3D Modeling and Visualization
Technical Documentation

Technical Calculation

Strength Calculations
Pressure Vessel Calculations
Strength Analysis of Steel Structures
Pipeline Stress Review

Technical Innovations

Production and Product Innovations

Technical Development

Industrial Design

Certification and IPR

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